Youth Ministry

Intended for all young people under 17 years of age, this ministry is designed to teach them the principles of God. The youth ministry is also an outlet for them to be creatively expressive in the areas of music, arts, and bible & life applications. This ministry sponsors frequent events that are fun, educational, and spiritually empowering.

Sis. S. Saddler –

Women Ministry

This ministry is a source of spiritual and emotional support for women, to build them in the areas essential to spiritual growth through the Word of God. All women are encouraged to join this ministry.

Sis. B. Valdez –
CoPastor C. Saddler –

Men’s Ministry

This ministry is designed specifically for the brothers to fellowship with each other and gets centered on the purpose of God for their lives. The objective for each meeting and outreach function is to draw souls closer to Christ; to empower men to be the husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends that God has designed them to be through the WORD. All men of are encouraged to join this ministry.

Elder Mattis –
Bro. Aaron Saddler  –

Worship Arts Ministry

This ministry is comprised of the L.O.V.O.M. Choir, the Worship Team, Musicians, and Liturgical & Mime Dance. The purpose of those involved in this ministry is to use their musical/artistic gifts to create an atmosphere conducive for the manifested presence of God.

Min. A. Armbrister-

Helps Ministry

The Helps ministry is dedicated to sharing the Word of God and lending a helping hand to those within our community and abroad. This ministry is comprised of L.O.V.O.M. Ushers, Nurses, Adjutants, Hospitality, & Outreach ministries. The Help Ministry reaches out with genuine Christ-love and concern.

Usher/Nurse: Sis. S. Atkinson – or Sis. E. Baker –
Hospitality:  Sis. B. Valdez –